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Visualize data with our easy-to-use mapping tool


Visualize data with our easy-to-use mapping tool.

Demographic variables and GIS data related to growing or expanding in San Joaquin.

Why choose Us

The San Joaquin Partnership is a non-profit, private-public economic development corporation offering free confidential assistance to business and industry when considering an expansion or location into San Joaquin County, California, including the Cities of Escalon, Lathrop, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Stockton and Tracy. Results speak for themselves. From 2008-2015 the San Joaquin Partnership team has completed 102 creating initially 5,800 new jobs and an additional 8,543 at build out of 15,850,000 sq. ft. of new facilities and improvements..

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Our Mission

Lead a cooperative countywide competitive economic development partnership that improves the economy and quality of life by attracting private investment that results in new jobs and wages. Assist San Joaquin Communities in the retention and expansion of existing businesses...

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What you get

A full service economic and community development team that can meet your needs location expansion needs in all of the seven communities and San Joaquin County. First Confidentiality. These free location services are provided through funding by our local private members and communities. Our non-profit private has a written confidentiality policy and can sign Non-Disclose Agreements. Access to a comprehensive available building and site inventory match with a professional relationship to listing brokers and developers for on time construction of new facilities...

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Nothing tells a better story than their people

Lisa Mortenson

San Joaquin Partnership was the most knowledgeable and helpful organization we encountered during our site selection process. Port of Stockton is the best location for our growing business and I’m appreciative that the San Joaquin Partnership helped us make the right choice.

Lisa Mortenson, Co-Founder and CEO Community Fuels
Customer Testimonails

Our experience with the San Joaquin Partnership was nothing short of GREAT . . . We have facilities in multiple cities in the western states . . . other jurisdictions could take lessons!

David Thompson, President TEC Equipment
Customer Testimonails

Building this hub is a testament to our people, to our service and to our community. That type of commitment and demand for our service means we bring a world class of FedEx Ground to Tracy and the surrounding Northern California area. This hub will have a national impact, and it means 390 jobs.

Kathy Hudsen, Regional Mangers FedEx Northern CA